PPD Association

Our web series that includes videos about the PPDA and our work, as well as a preview of our online continuing education course about PPD (mindbody disorders). Help us reach our goal of 1000 YouTube subscribers so we can be eligible for free access to the YouTube Space production studios. This will allow us to create more CE courses and recovery resources.


An engaging web series by PPDA Executive Director Jessica Shahinian on how to diagnose and treat PPD (aka Tension Myoneural Syndrome) with bright illustrations that make this series easy to watch and share. Jessica also shares how she made a rapid recovery from over 30 PPD symptoms that threatened to end not only her dance career, but also her life!


Did you know that several current and former PPDA Board members are Scientific Advisors for Curable, advising on their mobile app, Curable Groups, and other products and services. Their YouTube channel includes webinar recordings Hope for Healing with Dr. John Stracks and guest PPD practitioners and recovered patients.

Georgie Oldfield

Georgie is the founder of SIRPA, an organization dedicated to promoting the concept that pain can be due to learned nerve pain pathways rather than physical abnormality, hence full recovery is possible once the pathways are reversed. As well as treating patients and training health professionals, Georgie gives talks and writes widely about the concept.

The Pain PT

The Pain PT was founded by Jim Prussack, a licensed physical therapist. The mission of The Pain PT YouTube channel is to educate people about the impact of the brain and nervous system in chronic health disorders and how they can tap into the power of the mindbody relationship to heal.

Feelings & Stuff

A playful web series about mindbody medicine hosted by two psychotherapists formerly at the Pain Psychology Center - Daniel G. Lyman, LCSW and Christie Uipi, LCSW.