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Our mission is to increase awareness of effective treatments for chronic pain and related conditions. A Mindbody conceptualization of chronic pain has been found to eliminate chronic pain for many patients.


In May of 2017, my father was cured of decades of chronic back pain. With a condition that had been deemed ‘degenerative’ by many top doctors, it was a miracle he was healed. It was this miraculous healing that began my personal mission to raise awareness for a way out of chronic pain. What I have found in my past five years of study is that healing exists for many, many individuals suffering from chronic pain.

I have dedicated my scholarship to how fear (particularly the fear of unwanted emotions) is connected to chronic pain. Indeed, many studies suggest such a connection. The most powerful of these studies, perhaps, are those in which patients are coached in addressing these emotions and their symptoms subsequently resolve. I believe I always knew that the mind and body were connected, however, I had no idea the magnitude of this connection.

- Marjorie 


All sensation, including pain, is generated through and by the brain. In particular, the pain response is generated by the brain in order to send a warning signal to the body. This warning signal ignites the sympathetic nervous system, activating the body’s stress response.

In the case of chronic pain, the body’s alarm system has become hypersensitive. Even in the absence of damaged tissue, the brain continues to generate a pain response. New research in neuroscience supports the notion that these pathways can be unlearned, resulting in a freedom from chronic pain.


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